Where I Work Part II



Thanks to everyone for all of their thoughful comments and suggestions about my work space.  Where I work is truly an evolving aspect of my creative life.  I am always moving tables around etc. to find how I work.  Now that I am doing more screen printing and printmaking in general I find that I really have to be organized.  I definitely don’t want to get ink on other work in progress!  Here are a few more pictures of my space.  Today I plan to go to the studio to work on new patterns that I drew over the holiday.  I will let you know how it goes.  Peace. Deborah

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Creative Zone

In the last few weeks I have finished two art quilts and have two more on my table. Dolls have been really front and center too. I have restocked my boutique at Beehive (1831 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA) and I have launched my new line of decorative home accessories which compliment urbanwildflower dolls (stay tuned!). Can you say busy?!! Busy but loving it. Nothing is more exciting than being inspired by new work. A friend of mine used to call it “muse abuse” — that thing that happens when your creative mind just won’t let you rest. I go to bed with new designs in my mind. I usually have to get up to draw and make notes in my sketch book before I can go to sleep. I know some artists talk about creative block. I have to say that this condition has always puzzled me. I guess I am fortunate that all I have to do is pick up an old sketchbook and I am off to the races. The more I draw the more ideas I get. Here are a few dolls I completed recently for customers and for the store. As always, I welcome your response. thanks for looking 8 )


WaTerMELon WoMen

Whew! A lot has happened since the Delta girls appeared. I got married, the Urban Wildflowers and I were featured in TWO newspaper articles (God is GOOD!), and I am opening up a small boutique in Beehive Co-op in Atlanta (1831 Peachtree Road –next to Cafe Intermezzo. Free one hour parking around back!) Upcoming posts will speak more about our grand opening and trunk show.

The work never stops in the studio despite all of the happy events. Since July I have been on a mad hunt for watermelon themed fabric for a special line of dolls I make. The sisters on the Afam quilt list were great about helping with my hunt. Below are the results of some of my work with this fabric. What fun!!!

Thanks to everyone for emailing me to comment on posts or to ask about my dolls. As always, I am thrilled to hear from you so keep the comments coming. Stay tuned, I have many more dolls to post. Fabric has been flying In the Studio as we get ready for the opening and fall shows. Peace! The UrbanWildflowerDollmaker


Delta Girls

I love doing dolls for sororities. LAtely I have been doing commissions for the women of Delta Sigma Theta. It has been fun. Scroll farther down the page to see my AKA dolls!


PLaYing WiTh FAbRiC

I love to do unpredictable things. I know that sometimes people can get so hung up on how they think things are supposed to look that they forget to see — to really look at what is in front of them. The fun part about being an artist is that you get to stop, look, listen and SEE. I observe everything around me. Sometimes it feels like I am on overload. When I get this way I have to run to my sketchbook to download what I have seen into my sketchbook. Yes, this is a teaser. Scans of what I have been drawing during my three day drawing binge are coming. For now, look at two recent dolls. I have been experimenting with plaids. Tell me how you like ’em.



Atlanta Doll Show

Greeeeeeeetings all.  Last Saturday the Wildflowers and I had the privilege of meeting and greeting a number of wonderful folks at the Atlanta Doll Show.  We had a good time and met quite a few dolls.  I want to send out a big thank you to the Atlanta Doll Collector members.  They organized a fanastic show.  They really took care of us and even brought chocolate to all of the exhibitors at the end of the show!  I can’t wait until next year.  Here are a few pictures of the Wildflowers who traveled with me.  More close ups in my next post.  Peace!


Doll Days of April and Early May

Greetings all. Sorry to have been away so long. I have been busy in the studio birthing new dolls. April has been a busy month for me and May looks as if it will be equally as busy. Over the next few days I will post new completed works for collecter clients and works in progress. I made these dolls for a lovely Soror to give to her daughter in-law. I had fun making these. I collect pink and green fabrics where ever I go. Doing Soror dolls gives me a great excuse to play with this collection. soror-dolls-big-and-little-sister.jpgbig-sister-soror-doll.jpgbaby-sister-soror.jpg

Next post: The Atlanta Doll Collector’s Show!