Where I Work Part II



Thanks to everyone for all of their thoughful comments and suggestions about my work space.  Where I work is truly an evolving aspect of my creative life.  I am always moving tables around etc. to find how I work.  Now that I am doing more screen printing and printmaking in general I find that I really have to be organized.  I definitely don’t want to get ink on other work in progress!  Here are a few more pictures of my space.  Today I plan to go to the studio to work on new patterns that I drew over the holiday.  I will let you know how it goes.  Peace. Deborah

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Basic Doll Kit

Greetings from cold Atlanta! Yes, we are wimps when it comes to snow in the south. I lived in Michigan and Upstate New York and learned not to blink when it came to snow and cold. Now that I am in Atlanta I don’t want to go outside. Go figure. Well, at least this weekend gave me plenty of time to stay in and work on dolls and quilts.

If you look above at my tabs you will notice that I have added two page tabs. One describes the new doll guild I have started in Atlanta and the other will be a running list of challenges and projects that the group is working on. I have already thrown in a few to get us started. Several doll buddies have written to me from other states asking if they can play along with us. My answer is most definitely YES. I just ask that you send me photos of what you are working on so that I can post it for everyone to see. Below is a list of basic supplies for your a basic doll kit. Please jump in and tell share what you love to use in your doll making and why. Especially if you think I missed something

A Doll maker’s Kit (remember that there will be variations in these kits depending on the types of dolls you make)

  • scissors for both paper and fabric
  • sketchbook or loose sheets of drawing paper
  • colored pencils, watercolor pencils
  • sharpened pencils
  • ruler or dressmaker’s tape
  • freezer paper
  • micron (or your favorite brand) pens in brown and black
  • ultra fine point sharpie
  • Fabric brush pens (like Y&C Fabricmate)
  • Crayons (like Crayola, Caran d’Arche)
  • Glue stick
  • Dollmaker’s needles, #3 and #5
  • Sharps or other hand-sewing needles
  • Size 7 darner
  • Quilting an/or button and craft thread
  • old (or new) panty hose
  • paperclay, polymer clay, found objects
  • Stuffing. I use three type: Polyfil, Mountain Mist and Airtex