Where I Work Part II



Thanks to everyone for all of their thoughful comments and suggestions about my work space.  Where I work is truly an evolving aspect of my creative life.  I am always moving tables around etc. to find how I work.  Now that I am doing more screen printing and printmaking in general I find that I really have to be organized.  I definitely don’t want to get ink on other work in progress!  Here are a few more pictures of my space.  Today I plan to go to the studio to work on new patterns that I drew over the holiday.  I will let you know how it goes.  Peace. Deborah

goterpsweb someofmybooks


2008 Goals for UrbanWIldlowerDOlls

Every year during the last week of December I begin to contemplate what I want to accomplish for the coming year. I have split my list a bit. Half of my goals for the year can be found here. That list is related to my studio art quilts and my painting in general. The goal list you will find here has everything to do with dolls, DOlls, DOLLS!

Expand and Explore. I love to work in fabric. I also love clay and found objects. This year I want to dedicate more time to playing in other media in addition to fabric.

  • Get a membership at the local clay studio to rebuild skills in handbuilding
  • Develop new patterns from sketchbook drawings
  • Play with shapes, sizes and textures for dolls. Create the unexpected.
  • Create prototypes for new lines.
  • Teach new doll classes at the store and at local quilt shops.
  • Draw every day.
  • Attend more openings.

The Business of Art.

  • Print new mailing labels
  • Develop promotional packet using new logo
  • Launch the new and improved website with shopping cart
  • Host launch party for site
  • Plan show schedule for the year.