Where I Work Part II



Thanks to everyone for all of their thoughful comments and suggestions about my work space.  Where I work is truly an evolving aspect of my creative life.  I am always moving tables around etc. to find how I work.  Now that I am doing more screen printing and printmaking in general I find that I really have to be organized.  I definitely don’t want to get ink on other work in progress!  Here are a few more pictures of my space.  Today I plan to go to the studio to work on new patterns that I drew over the holiday.  I will let you know how it goes.  Peace. Deborah

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Where I Work Part 1


Studio Wall

Wall of DOlls

Wall of Dolls

I love to look at where people work.  Karoda’s journey to design her studio inspired me to get my work space in order.  My studio is a fairly good size. It’s somewhat of a wreck right now because I am working hard ona quilt I plan to enter in a show.  So take a look. Normally I would make things super tidy for company but I think y’all will understand.


Old Candy Storage case I that I found in an antique store.

Old Candy Storage case I that I found in an antique store.