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Favorite Books for Doll Art Part 1

Often people write to me to ask about doll making tips, favorite supplies and my favorite doll making books. Over the next several months I will share lots about doll making tips and favorite supplies. Today I would like to share a bit about books. As with most artists I have multiple passions. Books, and if I am honest, magazines too, are big interests of mine. In fact, books probably run neck and neck with my passion for art and art supplies. When I am not working on making art I am reading about art and artists. So, without further delay here are the titles of books on my doll shelf:

[Every book I mention here I have read and continue to use.]

Susanna Oroyon

  • Ideas and Techniques Using the New Clays  

    Fantastic Figures: Ideas and Techniques Using the New Clays
    This is her first doll making book as far as I am aware. It is out of print and a bit expensive now but it is worth the hunt. This was the first doll making book I ever bought. I still reference it. It contains info about moldmaking, armatures and how to shape patterns with darts.

The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook  

Anatomy of a Doll: The Fabric Sculptor’s Handbook
I believe this is the second book in the series. It is full of fantastic images of completed dolls and sketches of dolls in progress. Lists of supplies and sculpting how-tos are found in this book also.

I also have:

From Concept to Construction  

Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction and

Doll Costuming, Embellishments, Accessories  

Finishing the Figure: Doll Costuming, Embellishments, Accessories I use these books over and over again.

Next to Ms. Oroyan the doll maker that most influenced my early style is Elinor Peace Bailey (no relation). Her dolls are fun, funny and FULL of personality. Her book The Rag Doll: From Plain to Fancy is one of my early doll books. She explores the pancake pattern in this book and gives basic information for making doll clothes and accessories. I could not find this book online so I am afraid it is probably out of print.


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  1. i usually buy books online because i do not have time to visit the local bookstore ..

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