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Holiday Show and beginning Thoughts about art in the NewYear

marren.jpgCora with the Silver Shoes

I have been busy doing shows and placing new stock in the store for the last few weeks. It has been a busy but rewarding time. I am looking forward to taking a small break for the holidays and then starting up in January to pursue new designs and new techniques. For the last three years running I make a list of art goals that I want to accomplish in the new year. It’s a loose list as priorities and interests change throughout the year. Still, I think I typically accomplish about 80% of what I strive to do. My list tends to focus on three areas: enhancing my skills by focusing on process and technique, growing my business by better serving customers, and a continuing to develop my individual style through various media. This year blogging and developing my marketing tools have been central to growing. I also did a lot of painting this year on paper and fabric, dolls and quilts . Next year I am pretty sure I want to do a bit more with clays –especially combining paper clay and fabric. I also want to try my hand at encaustics. We will see how the year shapes out. I would love to hear from others who set art goals. What do *you* plan to do?



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  1. Wow ! These dolls are beautiful. I’m glad I found your site. I make art dolls too. I recently participated in a holiday artist market event and my dolls sold well,so in the coming year, I would like to create more dolls and market them. I’d also like to meet other doll artists in Georgia.

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