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Creative Zone

In the last few weeks I have finished two art quilts and have two more on my table. Dolls have been really front and center too. I have restocked my boutique at Beehive (1831 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA) and I have launched my new line of decorative home accessories which compliment urbanwildflower dolls (stay tuned!). Can you say busy?!! Busy but loving it. Nothing is more exciting than being inspired by new work. A friend of mine used to call it “muse abuse” — that thing that happens when your creative mind just won’t let you rest. I go to bed with new designs in my mind. I usually have to get up to draw and make notes in my sketch book before I can go to sleep. I know some artists talk about creative block. I have to say that this condition has always puzzled me. I guess I am fortunate that all I have to do is pick up an old sketchbook and I am off to the races. The more I draw the more ideas I get. Here are a few dolls I completed recently for customers and for the store. As always, I welcome your response. thanks for looking 8 )



2 Responses

  1. I see you’ve been busy. I can’t wait to see your new line.

  2. I love this doll! Well Done! I would love to Purchase one of these dolls for my daughter! She is adorable!
    How can I purchase one?

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