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WaTerMELon WoMen

Whew! A lot has happened since the Delta girls appeared. I got married, the Urban Wildflowers and I were featured in TWO newspaper articles (God is GOOD!), and I am opening up a small boutique in Beehive Co-op in Atlanta (1831 Peachtree Road –next to Cafe Intermezzo. Free one hour parking around back!) Upcoming posts will speak more about our grand opening and trunk show.

The work never stops in the studio despite all of the happy events. Since July I have been on a mad hunt for watermelon themed fabric for a special line of dolls I make. The sisters on the Afam quilt list were great about helping with my hunt. Below are the results of some of my work with this fabric. What fun!!!

Thanks to everyone for emailing me to comment on posts or to ask about my dolls. As always, I am thrilled to hear from you so keep the comments coming. Stay tuned, I have many more dolls to post. Fabric has been flying In the Studio as we get ready for the opening and fall shows. Peace! The UrbanWildflowerDollmaker



6 Responses

  1. Deborah, these dolls are too much! I love the idea of the theme fabric, good luck with the new line. Sandi

  2. I love this doll!! Do you sell your dolls? She is fantastic!

  3. I just found your blog this morning – I love your dolls! They are wonderful 🙂

  4. I just love your watermelon girls. I got some of this fabric also, but haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it yet.

  5. Hi Deborah,

    I enjoyed observing your website, however, I don’t see prices for the dolls. You were working on one at the retreat that I thought was adorable…how much is she going for?

    Peace & Blessings

  6. Hi Deborah,
    I am also a doll maker among doing other thing. I love you doll. I just found your blog. I live in Atlanta and am looking for some more doll friends. Here is a link to my picturetrail site. The doll on it is my first doll. I am working on another doll for my granddaughter. I will post it as soon as I finish. Go to google and key in duckett2009. There you will see my little fairy in pink.


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