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My Fabric Stash

On Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of being the speaker at the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild meeting here in metro Atlanta. I went to talk about dolls, of course. I also squeezed in a mention about quilts since I love them too. The women there are extremely talented and VERY funny. I was gratified to know that I have not lost my quilter creds. At the end of my presentation I showed a few pictures of my fabricstash and studio. I actually got APPLAUSE! LOL.


Over the last seven or so years I have been pretty diligent about using what I purchase and not hoarding. I know this is a touchy subject for quilters. I decided that when I am called home to quilter’s heaven I would rather leave stacks of completed quilts for my loved ones rather than stacks of fabric! Working with the Reynoldstown quilters has reminded me of the importance of using found and recycled fabrics. My passion for quilting is greater than ever because I enjoy the inspiration that comes with determining how to use recycled fabrics with those I purchase from my local quilt store. Right now I am working on a quilt I have agreed to donate for the Wheelbarrow festival. Proceeds from the auction will go toward supporting activities for the Reynoldstown community. Here is the quilt as it looks in my frame right now. The blocks are a basic nine patch using African fabrics and solids. I sewed some of the squares myself. Some of them are from a swap I participated in with sisters from the African American Quilt list. I fused two heads on the quilt to add a little more interest. Only one shows up in the frame. It’s a basic quilt but fun.


I have included one of my art quilts here. I hand pieced and hand appliqued this quilt. I have been working on it on and off for a year. It’s pretty big. Since this is the year of completion I plan to complete this and several other quilts in the coming months. Stay tuned! Oh, I forgot to mention that the name of this quilt is “All the Joy I can Stand!”


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful art quilts Audra! Also love your fabric. Welcome to Art Doll Makers.


  2. Your quilts & dolls are awsome!
    I know that you are going places.
    I love your colors.


  3. Your dolls are awsome!

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