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I have been having FUN

with the basic pancake doll pattern. I make them large (the dolls pictured are 26 inches) and small (the smallest is about 10 inches). I call my line of “rag” dolls Baby Cakes and AfroPuffs.

When I make dolls I tend to do like things together. I create a bunch of bodies and stuff them. Next I enjoy painting the faces — especially the eyes. Once they have their faces on I decide on what kind of hair they will have. Last is my next favorite thing (oh, let’s face it, I love everything about dolls) I get to fondle my fabric stash to determine what I will use to design the clothes. More wildflowers for the gallery



One Response

  1. I’m absolutely crazy about the Pancake dolls! They are so loveable-looking. I’d like to see many more of these

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