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Audra in Progress

So I have been trying to do a better job of documenting my dolls. I typically take pictures of completed dolls but I often forget to take shots of the doll as it developes. Audra was a commission from a friend of mine. I had fun making her. Using tricks of the trade learned from Elinor Peace Bailey, I experimented with button joints to make Audra fully posable.audrainprogress.jpg Audra in Progress

I also experimented with tea dying her body to give her this creamy tan color. I think my favorite part of making dolls is drawing the face. Call me crazy but I think the face, especially the eyes give the dolls so much personality. I like to focus on the eyes.audrainprogress3.jpg Here is a close up of Audra’s face. I used prisma colored pencils to sketh in the features before I began to paint. audracompleted.jpg And here she is finished. I went with an urban harem girl feel. Her clothes are made from remnants from other projects (I am “thrifty” so I try not to waste anything!).

audracompleted2.jpg Peace, everybody! Love, Audra an UrbanWildflowerDoll.


3 Responses

  1. Hi I like your work. Thanks for submitting to Art doll makers. To be accepted into the ring your first have to display the code on your blog so that memebers can move from one blog to another. if you need help doing this please email me and I’ll send directions.


  2. Wonderful dolls. True art. Thanks for the inspiration!

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